Learn to Make Rømmegrøt and Krumkake

For any uninitiated non-Norwegians out there (like myself), Rømmegrøt and Krumkake are two Norwegian treats that are traditionally made around the holidays. I got to try both of them for the first time last year and are they ever delicious! Rømmegrøt is a rich, thick porridge and Krumkake sort of reminds me of a better version of a waffle cone.

Photo by Lauren Zabel CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Whether you are new to these or have enjoyed them yearly since you were a child (in which case you’re likely laughing at my descriptions by now), come learn how to make them at the Moorhead Library on Saturday, December 15 at 11 a.m. Two Moorhead librarians, Liz and Megan, will be leading the event. You’ll also get to sample the final product!

We’ll also be having a holiday treat exchange, so don’t forget a plate of your seasonal favorite to share. This event is free and open for anyone to attend!